Run 4

This must be the ultimate run game ever. It is not released yet but must appear as soon as possible. It's been a while since Run 3 was released, so run 4 is about to come up with new tasks to do this year.

Be prepared for a new adventure in space alongside run 4. New alien models and levels designed specifically for your ability to bypass space holes. Enter into a new space race that will keep you in the midst of dozens of hard-to-reach levels, namely run 4. We hope the new design of this game is totally different, with new obstacles, and a more difficult route to make the game much harder. Be among the first to have the chance to play the new Run 4 game and join the top players.

Run 1

Run 1 is an intense skill game that will make you better every time you lose. It is simple to play on any device that support flash.


Run 2

Run 2 takes the game further, having the choice of the player you want. It is more challenging than ever to be the best runner.


Run 3

Run 3 is more fun than previous versions, with more and more levels and aliens to unlock. It leads to extreme running with new obstacles.


Run 4

Run 4 is on the road and must be done this year. New adventure will be available for you with new levels and awesome gameplay 3d.


choose mode

You have many levels to play in two ways: adventure and infinite mode. These modes will give you the option to train you better and make a higher score.

main rules

Select the speed of the game. If are a beginner just take it slow first. Follow the speed and have your eyes focused on the holes that you have to jump over.


The main reason you play run1 is for highscore. The game have no end, the purpose is to make a bigger score to compete with other online players.

create maps

If you want to have your own map to play, just simply create your own inside the game. It is easy and fun, just try and see! The option is edit mode.